Текст песни (The Witch's House Fansong) Majo no Ie - "Friend" Ellen version, Viola version

Ellen (by AmaitoFuu)

All by myself
Waiting for a "friend" to show
My magic won't help me now
Not until you walk through the door

Please set me free
Don't be afraid
I am always by your side
Come now, my "friend"

Death's sweet embrace
Was once a gift I'd yearned for
But now that I have found you
I don't need death
Not anymore

Come set me free
You'll be okay
I'll keep you safe
So, I beg
Don't go away


Viola (by TiaTries2Sing)

You were a girl
Looking for someone to care
But as I entered your house
Cruel tricks were played, I unaware

Please let me leave
I'm so afraid
My father's looking for me
Let go, my friend

Tables are turned
Pity is altered to hate
All of these things done to me
They are unfair
Now you can't leave

Give up all hope
I will escape
Don't trap me here
Oh I beg
Let me be me

Please... "Friend"...

(The Witch's House Fansong) Majo no Ie -