Текст песни 2 Live Crew - Pop that coochie Майор Пейн

There is only one place where we can go
To see freaky girls doing shows
Doin tricks to make us holler
On a giving night, all for a dollar
Silicone breasts, all on their chests
Nothin like others, but above the rest
They'll do anything to turn us on
Them girls got it going on

I like another boomy that's big'n'bloomy
Girl, you know you've been had by many
So come and be my private dancer
I got some money if thats the answer
I really wanna be with you
I get hard after seeing you
How hard? hard like a rock,
When you make that coochie pop

Chorus (2x)
Pop that coochie heyyy
Pop that coochie, baby
Pop that coochie
Pop, pop that coochie, baby

Verse 2
Freaky girls with plenty of class
Rollin to the music and shaking real fast
Bend over backwards, make me shout
And work that body, in and out
Movin their body with plenty of action
Bringin to the men more satisfaction
Doing what they feel to turn us out
Just work that body all the way out

Shake it dont break it
It took your momma nine months to make it
Bend over and spread em, girl
Show-w-w me those coochie pearls
Play that part and don't you quit
Then Blow me your freaky kiss
Girl, you know you look so cute
Throwin that coochie the way you do


Verse 3
Poppin that thing is a dance for the ladies
Straight from the south, into the 90s
Freaky girls are the ones I like
In g-strings in the middle of the night
Smoke-filled stages, women in cages
Guards at the door, armed with gauges
As they dance and I get hot,
Keep throwin that body dont stop

I like the way you lick the champagne glass
It makes me wanna blass, stop real fast
So come on, baby, and pop it quick
I fall in love when you kiss it
Girl, you dont know? you aint heard?
Messing with me, youre gonna get served
See, none of my girls, they never complain
So come on, baby, and pop that thang


Janet j, pop, that coochie
Bu-bles, pop, that coochie
Ma-donna, pop, that coochie
Sandra p, pop that smacky boomie coochie, baby

2 Live Crew - Pop that coochie (Майор Пейн)