Текст песни Mandy Jiroux (Reez Remix) - My foreverNigthcore

Let's write our names
Here in the sky
The heavens illuminating
Maybe we'll last among the stars

We are the flames
Burning the night
But there is no escaping
Maybe we'll find a world that's ours

Hold me now
Hold me never fade and
Take me now
Take me all the way and
Save me now
Forever isn't far away

We could live a lifetime here together
Will you be my forever?
We could save our love so we'll remember
Will you be my forever?
One foot from the edge will you surrender
And be my forever?

Let's float away
Believe we can fly
The world is ours for the taking
Amazing is everything you are

I wanna see
It all thru your eyes
I'll keep your heart from breaking
Make sure we'll never be apart