Текст песни Lil Jon Ft. Lil Wayne - Pull Up

Yeah, I Got Stacks so i pull em
Lamborghini, four kid das how i get up
Pop A champagne, Just how i pull up
Got statements in the bank still we up
Meet us at the mall you see we pull up
Been out is what it is to my trunk full up
Even the Eight Oh Eight, when when i pull up
Just how i pull up, just how i pull up

[Verse 1 Lil Jon]
They Say Yeah (Yeah), when i pull up
I got 20 Goons wit me throwin they hood up
Bitch Move like Luda
Or have your fuckin shoes dealt in the sewea
Bitch I'm the King call me the rula
Bank account ya'll give a
Catch it grew up
We gettin money yeah that Gudda
And we still ain't takin
Hoes ova through there
We over seas smokin hookah
While you ridin round tryin to get that hooka
Yo ho run out
We on through ya
Leave yo pussy nigga stuff straight shook up

Lil Jon Ft. Lil Wayne - Pull Up