Текст песни Left Boy - Get It Right

[Part 1]
Back in L.A., oop Its a nice day
Baby take your top off, come to the right bay
I know what your friends say
But they dont know your appeal
Just gimme one day, I teach em girls how to (chill)

Cause its 420 24/7 where I'm at, Hun
Cruisin down sunset, lighting up a fat one
Lets make love, I never wanna fight
Baby we gotta shop, we should get it right

Get it right, all night
From the dark to the light
From the back to the middle to the front
Get high L-L-Light it up R-R-Raise that cup
Put your motherfucking hands up
(I know what you want, Baby, I'mma give it to you real good
B-B-B-Baby, I'mma give it to you real good) (x2)

[Part 2]
It looks like Im about to get in trouble here
Here bartender make it double, oop
Doubledecker Tourbus meet me on the top-floor
You know the song baby, tryin to get my top score
Cause I like your skinny-jeans better
When theyre laying on the ground
And your kashmir sweater's nowhere to be found
I'mma be around maybe not as often as you like
But I think we vibed girl we should get it right

I just wanna do you real good
You make me feel good
Baby let me get it right
To the edge of the night to the light
Ill make you feel high
Baby we should get it right

[Hook] (x2)

Left Boy - Get It Right