Текст песни Hollywood Undead - I Am

I'm just a sick man, living in a sick land
Choking on this smoke of a billboard romance
Anybody know where the pigs put my coke, oh
Change them plates on a powder blue DeSoto
Oh no, it ain't Johnny 3 T
Not till the good Lord comes to keep me
Keep these, are you weak and weeping
Sweating on the floor when you come to see me
Victims, and you're proud of no bitches
I hear you cluck but you duck, duck, duck
And now we're too deep. Here's number 3
It's sick, I'm sick, shit is just like me

I am never forgotten
This is the anthem
For the sick and rotten
I am never forgotten
This is the anthem
For all you sick and rotten

Step up and get knocked back
You'll end up as blue black
And goes with the riff raff
So fuck all the feedback
We pack it up tightly
We roll it up nicely
Rough Dickies like Nikes
Running beside these
Real rockstars,
Fuck smashing guitars
You learn to sink or swim
You're swimming with sharks
I look up in the rearview
Johnny in the mix too
Scraping up the clubs in my Cadillac 6
I'm fresh outta 6 packs
Making this 8 track
Who got a zig zag?
I'll trade you my gold plaque
To all the rockstars, powdered nose and glitter
Is it hard to be sick when you know that I'm sicker?

Who created this madman?
Who puts a matchstick in your asscrack?
Makes you lapdance on a gas can
So don't sit down
Get down on this track man.
Shake your hips now, this shit ain't no slow jam
No this is your last chance
To get your ass smacked with back hand
And take a cat nap with the sandman
So don't sit down
Get down with the program
Cause I'm sick with a dick
Thick like a Coke can,
So bury your romance
Olivia Brohen
Matt Berry and Conan
With barbarian gonads.
Burry opponents, Siberian slowdance,
King of the throne with rhymes fatter than Roseanne.

No matter we don't know,
Together we don't slow. [x4]

Hollywood Undead - I Am